SM Resources and Links

The page for all your selective mutism resources and links. This is a work in progress but will be updated shortly!


I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of SM websites, blogs and forums for everyone. I’ve started the list below, please let me know if you see any others and I will add them on.

SM Booklet

When the words won’t come out – A booklet about selective mutism for teenagers and adults

Click on the link below to download.

Booklet for Teenagers and Adults with SM – easy read version

Reproduced with kind permission from The Selective Mutism Resource Manual (Speechmark), © Johnson and Wintgens, forthcoming November 2015



SMIRA (Selective Mutism Information & Research Association) are a UK registered charity and featured in the first issue of Finding Our Voices. They also have a very active Facebook group (see below for link)


iSpeak is run by Carl who has selective mutism himself. It’s a forum and support group for young people and adults with selective mutism.

Selective Mutism Group

SMG is a USA based organisation helping support those with SM and featured in the second issue of Finding Our Voices.

Selective Mutism Foundation

The Selective Mutism Foundation is also a USA organisation and will feature in the third issue of Finding Our Voices.

Selective Mutism Network

USA based organisation helping those affected by SM


New SM organisation based in New Zealand

Ouvrir La Voix

SM organisation based in France

Selective Mutism Space

Selective Mutism Space was set up by Claire, one of the Admins on the SM Space Cafe Facebook Group (see link below)

Confident Children

Helping children to realise they are braver than they believe, stronger than they seem and smarter than they think.

SM Jounral (Japan)

SM Journal is a Japanese website forum on SM

Facebook Groups and Pages


The SMIRA Facebook group has lots of useful files to read through as well as support and advice from the Admins and other members

SM Space Cafe

A friendly group for those affected by SM

Support Selective Mutism

Supporting sufferers with Selective Mutism and raising essential awareness

Selective Mutism Blog Social and Support Group

A new group set up by Sarah who has written for the magazine in the first issue and runs the Selective Mutism Blog on Tumblr

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