Selective Mutism Books – And a Giveaway!

I’ve added a new page on the website for books relating to selective mutism; some are written by those who have experienced SM, some are children’s books and a few more are aimed at parents and professionals. I’ll be updating the list in the next few months but if you have read or heard about a book that you would recommend please let me know and I can add it on!

To mark the occasion, Finding Our Voices is giving away two signed copies of the children’s book Charli’s Choices which were very kindly donated (and written!) by Marian B. Moldan, LCSW-R – director and founder of Childhood Anxiety Solutions.

Charli's Choices

Charli’s Choices is a book which suggests ways of making speech easier for children by asking choice questions.

The book is illustrated by Toby Allen, who also has an illustration project called Real Monsters which includes the selective mutism monster below.

Real Monster

To win one of the signed copies of Charli’s Choices, all you need to do is email or comment on this post with your name and how you would help someone with SM.

Good luck everyone!


Gabrielle says:

love these books – thanks

Latha says:

Great idea, thank you.

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