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Wear Blue For SM Awareness

29th Oct 2017
On Sunday 29th October, join in by wearing blue; You could wear a blue top, a wig, jewellery, socks or a shoe If anyone asks, tell them what we...


14th Oct 2017
As I found out, hypnotherapy isn’t about being made to make chicken noises, or paying someone to sleep for an hour or so. Where It Began At the beginning...

Sorry, it’s been a while… Is it safe to come out of hiding?

2nd Apr 2017
Hi everyone, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to do another post. A lot of things have happened and I’ve neglected the website recently. I want to share...

Diary of a young SM’er

16th Oct 2016
I was going through my old stuff and found this semi-fictional diary I’d written that I’d actually forgotten about. Thought I’d share it here as it’s the awareness month

Selective Mutism Awareness Month – So Far!

14th Oct 2016
Well, the October selective mutism awareness month is halfway through already! Here’s just some of the highlights for me. Feel free to send in yours ? Leanne has done a...

Stuck In Mute

4th Oct 2016
I was just going through some of the older magazines and thought I’d start sharing some of the articles on here as it’s the awareness month for selective mutism....


30th Sep 2016
What is selective mutism? It’s a severe anxiety disorder which prevents those with it from being able to speak freely in select situations or to select people. Visit the...

Why don’t you talk?

3rd Sep 2016
When I was at school, people would ask me why I didn’t talk. Over and over again they’d ask me the same questions, and every time I’d just sit...

Meet-ups and Giant Cookies

29th Jun 2016
This weekend just gone, I met up with a group of amazing people who have (or had) SM, and it was the best weekend I’ve had in a long...


4th Feb 2016
‘Talking’ isn’t the only way to communicate. In fact, I think it’s very over-rated. It’s believed that much more than half of all communication is non-verbal; body language, gestures,...

Crowds + No Eggs = Panic (Apparently)

20th Jan 2016
I don’t understand my mind at the best of times but there’s still the odd occasion when it manages to surprise me. Last weekend I went to a car...

Happy Christmas To You All!

24th Dec 2015
I know Christmas can be difficult for some of us. All the extra social gatherings, the expectations, the stress about getting the right present for the right person, spending...

Charli’s Choices Competition – Now Closed

16th Dec 2015
The competition to win a signed copy of the children’s book Charli’s Choices by Marian B. Moldan has now finished and the two lucky winners have been contacted –...

Don’t Forget – You Could Win!

12th Nov 2015
Don’t miss out – you could win a signed copy of the children’s book Charli’s Choices! There are two signed copies of the children’s book Charli’s Choices to give...

How should you treat someone with selective mutism?

14th Oct 2015
How should you treat someone with selective mutism? I asked you this question and you have answered! Here’s a picture of Guinness, the world’s largest sock monkey who is...

Magazine 5th Issue Now Out

7th Oct 2015
Just a quick post to say the 5th issue of the magazine is now ready to download! Thanks to everyone who helped out with this issue – please...

Over To You.. Q&A Section

6th Oct 2015
I’m in the process of setting up a new page on the website called Over To You. The main thing I’m hoping to do is to have a Question...

SM awareness month is here!

1st Oct 2015
So, it’s arrived. The month where we can make that little extra effort to help raise awareness of selective mutism – in our own way, doing whatever feels comfortable....

More Than Quiet Awareness Campaign

23rd Sep 2015
October is nearly here and that means it’s extra awareness time for SM! For me personally, I’m still not very confident talking or posting about SM on my personal...

Selective Mutism Books – And a Giveaway!

13th Sep 2015
I’ve added a new page on the website for books relating to selective mutism; some are written by those who have experienced SM, some are children’s books and a...

Magazine News

13th Aug 2015
Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to make the next issue of the magazine the last one, for now at least. While I...

Win! A copy of Tom Neely’s children’s book

28th Jul 2015
Art competition time! Tom Neely has very kindly donated a copy of his children’s book ‘Mary-Ellen O’Keefe’s Word-Speaking Diet’ about a girl who struggles to talk at school. For...

Online Party & Competition Time!

13th Jul 2015
I wanted to do something to celebrate the first year of the magazine, so this Saturday 18th July is the Finding Our Voices online birthday party! They’ll be silly...
Stuck In Mute - A Short Film

Stuck In Mute – A Short Film

30th Jun 2015
Stuck In Mute is a short film due out later this year which features a character (or two!) with selective mutism. Those involved in making the short film have...

Finding Our Voices Issue 4

28th May 2015
Hi Everyone, Just a quick post to let you know that the fourth issue is here! You can download it on the Magazine page: Enjoy!  

What’s coming up in the next issue…

18th May 2015
As there is only a week or so until the 4th issue of Finding Our Voices I thought I’d give you a quick sneak preview of what’s included! How...

Art Therapy – What do you think?

9th May 2015
Doing and creating can be very calming because it requires you to be fully involved, meaning that your brain is concentrating on being in the moment rather than thinking...

Selective Mutism Awareness

2nd May 2015
Sorry I haven’t posted for ages! Must try to get back into the habit of doing it weekly… Anyway, what’s been happening since I last posted? There’s been some...

SMIRA Conference 2015

12th Mar 2015
As some of you may know, I went to the SMIRA conference last Saturday. It was the first time I had ever met anyone else with SM and it...

Finding Our Voices Issue 3

1st Mar 2015
  The 3rd issue is here! A preview of just a few of the things in the 3rd issue: Interview with the Selective Mutism Foundation SM training and awareness...

A Week To Go

23rd Feb 2015
Well, there’s a week to go before the third issue of Finding Our Voices is out. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed and sent in articles,...

Passing Time

16th Feb 2015
I’m not doing very well at posting weekly am I? Time seems to go so quickly, I guess that must mean I’m getting old! Anyway, just a quick catchup....

Coming Up…

2nd Feb 2015
I don’t know how it’s gone so quick but there’s less than a month now until the third issue of Finding Our Voices. Just a few of the things...

Inspiring People

19th Jan 2015
In the last issue we interviewed Nathan, a 16-year-old with SM who had entered into a singing competition. Although he still struggles with conversation he says that when he...

Welcome to the New Website

10th Jan 2015
Hi Everyone, You may have already noticed that Finding Our Voices now has a new website. It has all the content that the previous one had but with a...

Last post before Christmas

16th Dec 2014
I hope you all enjoyed reading the second issue of the magazine, if you haven’t seen it yet have a look on the magazine page. It’s always good to...

Finding Our Voices – 2nd Issue

30th Nov 2014
Hi All, The second issue is here! Thank you to everyone who has helped out with photos, advice, comments and who have sent articles in. If you’d like to...

Second Issue is Coming Soon!

18th Nov 2014
It’s less than two weeks now until the second issue will be out. I’ve got a couple of bits to finish off, then to ‘make it look like a...

Have I been comparing myself to the wrong people all this time?

9th Nov 2014
I had a conversation with someone the other week about social situations – parties, groups of people and making small talk with any one you might meet on a...

Exciting News!

3rd Nov 2014
Hi Everyone, Just to let you know the latest news on the magazine is that it will be getting a new website soon! Hopefully either at the end of...

Lots of Books!

26th Oct 2014
Recently there seems to be a lot of books on SM being published or in the writing stages which is definitely a good thing. The more books there are...

It’ll soon be Christmas (sorry!)

20th Oct 2014
I know it’s a long way away but Christmas will soon be here! I’m borrowing an idea and wanted to ask you all if you wanted to send in...

Late (but the cats are happy!)

13th Oct 2014
Hi All, Sorry for the lateness for this post. I normally try to write on Sundays but had an interesting day trying to work out how to fit our...

Getting The Word Out

5th Oct 2014
  It’s the first week of selective mutism awareness month and it’s great to see so much about it on Facebook, Twitter and other blogs. Here’s a few things...

Awareness Month

28th Sep 2014
Some of you might know that October is selective muism awareness month in the USA. Although it’s not offically an awareness month in the UK or other countries I’ll...

Welcome New Followers

21st Sep 2014
Welcome new followers and hello to those who’ve been following since the start! I’m a bit nervous about writing this week because the number of followers have gone from 15...

Moving On

15th Sep 2014
This week I’ve emailed the magazine to a couple of my local schools and I’m slowly showing it to more people I know too. It feels a bit strange...

Thank You

7th Sep 2014
Wow. Thank you so much for all the amazing comments and support! Here’s what you’ve been saying about the magazine. Comments from SMIRA Facebook group: “Looking forward to the...

Finding Our Voices Issue 1

31st Aug 2014
Here’s the first ever issue of the magazine! Click on the link below to open. Finding Our Voices Issue 1 I hope you enjoy it, please let me know...

Final Countdown

26th Aug 2014
Just a very quick update this week as it’s been a busy weekend. We’ve only just got back from Wales then off for what will probably seem like a...

Nearly There

17th Aug 2014
In just two weeks you’ll be reading the first ever issue of the Finding Our Voices magazine! I really hope you enjoy it and find something in there that...

Finding Our Voices

10th Aug 2014
It was very close (I had to choose from the top three) but we have a name – Finding Our Voices!  Thank you everyone for voting and for the...

Time For a Name

3rd Aug 2014
As it’s now less than a month until the first issue I think it’s time to decide on a name. We’ve had some great suggestions and I have my...

Almost one month to go!

28th Jul 2014
Thank you so much to those who have sent in bits for the first issue. I was worrying a little that not many would send things in but we’ve...

My Story

21st Jul 2014
As I’m asking you to send in your own articles and stories for the magazine I thought I would share mine with you. I find it difficult talking about...


13th Jul 2014
This last week I’ve been a bit stressed. Work’s been busy and I’ve been thinking about the three weddings and a christening we’ve been invited to; all in the...

We’re getting there…

6th Jul 2014
This week I’ve started the article about sm and further eduction but it’s more difficult than I thought it would be! What course can you do when you might...

Lazy Sundays

29th Jun 2014
I’m sitting here writing this with a mug of hot milk and biscuits while it’s raining outside. Because that’s how I roll… Thanks for the comments, suggestions and the...

Here Goes!

27th Jun 2014
I’ve been busy tonight getting this blog up and running. I’m very new to blogging so it’s taken me a while but I think I have the hang of...

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