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Whether it’s writing for the magazine, helping raise awareness of selective mutism or giving back to the organisations who have helped you, here’s the place to do it!


Often it seems that half the battle with having selective mutism is finding out that there’s a name for what you are going through. That’s why it’s impotrant to make more people aware of the disorder as there are still a lot of professionals who have not heard about the disorder.

October was selective mutism awareness month in the USA. Although it’s not an official awareness month in the UK or other countries it doesn’t mean we couldn’t all join in! Go to the SM Awareness page for more details.

Help raise awareness

Would you like to share your own story on your experience with selective mutism? Are you a writer, a story-teller or a poet? Or perhaps you enjoy drawing and crafts. Whatever it is, if you would like to share anything for the magazine click here.

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