Happy Christmas To You All!

I know Christmas can be difficult for some of us. All the extra social gatherings, the expectations, the stress about getting the right present for the right person, spending the right amount of money and, if you order gifts from the internet, hoping they arrive before Christmas!

But it only happens once a year.

It’s only a few days. We can get through it.

Whether you’re going out or staying in, it might be a good idea to have something to occupy yourself with that can also be used to get others involved. Maybe a pack of playing cards, a colouring book or a game.

Make sure to take time out for yourself when you need it. Recharge with a cup of tea on the sofa, watch your favourite TV programme, have a cuddle with your cat/dog/rabbit/next door’s goldfish. Listen to music. Do something, just for yourself.

Don’t forget that you’re not alone.

We can get through it.

Happy Christmas everyone


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