What is selective mutism? It’s a severe anxiety disorder which prevents those with it from being able to speak freely in select situations or to select people. Visit the NHS website for more info: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/selective-mutism/Pages/Introduction.aspx 

For the October awareness month I’ll be sharing 31 things about SM – one for each day of the month.

Want to join in? You can comment on any of the 31 things using the form below – feel free to leave your comments and I might put some in the next magazine

To see my 31 things about SM, have a look at the awareness page which I’ll be updating daily, or look out for the daily posts on Twitter @SMSupportMag and on the Facebook Selective Mutism Awareness Month event page

What are your #31ThingsAboutSM?

All questions are optional so you can answer as many or as little as you like.

You can fill in this survey as many times as you like, so if you miss something or want to comment on something you previously skipped, you can.

If you want to, you can also join in on social media with the daily posts #31ThingsAboutSM

Thanks so much for taking part you amazing people! 🙂

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1) To me, SM is:
2) I was diagnosed with it:
3) But I had symptoms of it since:
4) Most people assume:
5) But actually the truth is:
6) The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is:
7) The hardest part about mornings are:
8) Something I couldn’t live without is:
9) The hardest part about nights are:
10) Each day I take:
11) Regarding alternative treatments
12) Regarding working and career:
13) People would be surprised to know:
14) The hardest thing to accept is:
15) If I could have one day of feeling normal I would:
16) Want to know a secret?
17) It’s difficult when people:
18) Something that has surprised me about living with SM is:
19) The nicest thing someone did for me was:
20) One of the hardest things I’ve done was:
21) The thing that’s helped me the most is:
22) The person who has inspired me the most is:
23) When someone is diagnosed with SM I’d like to tell them:
24) A positive that’s come out of my SM is:
25) SM has taught me:
26) My favourite song/book/poem/film symbolizing my SM is:
27) My favourite motto/quote that gets me through tough times is:
28) I love it when people:
29) Something I never thought I could do was:
30) One day I will:
31) I’m getting involved with SM awareness month because:



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