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Selective Mutism Community

An online community for all of you dealing with selective mutism; whether you have SM yourself, know someone with it, or just want to find out more about it.

I hope we can share hints/tips, give encouragement and ideas and help spread the word about selective mutism. Together we are stronger.

Wear blue for selective mutism awareness!

Sunday 29th October

Share a photo of your blue outfit with #SelectiveMutismAwareness


Welcome to the Finding Our Voices website!

Finding Our Voices

Finding Our Voices is an online community which started up in August 2014 as a quarterly magazine. It has helpful and inspiring articles relating to selective mutism; the anxiety disorder which is estimated to be as common as autism, but is a lot lesser known.

All articles in the magazine and on the website blog are either written by myself or sent in by people who have first hand experience  of the disorder. If you would like to contribute please go to the I Want To Help page for more details.

You are not alone

To all those who are struggling with SM right now: You are not weird, stubborn, rude or dumb. You are your own person, you are unique but you are not alone; we can get through it together.


Helping Raise Awareness

Awareness of selective mutism is slowly growing amongst the general public and professionals. There have been TV programmes, articles in national newspapers and various groups and people on social media helping to raise awareness of the disorder – I hope to do the same with Finding Our Voices.

Finding out about the disorder is the biggest step in getting help and overcoming it.

think before you judge

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